How to choose the best agent to sell your most prized asset!

Like all things in life, regardless of the situation, there is always an upside, and that upside for all of us lucky enough to call Western Australia home has been our that our hands have been forced to discover the magnificence of our beautiful state. So with school holidays all but done I thought I’d share what my family discovered as we all packed into the camper van and hit the high road to wild wild west.

Whilst we thought the long roads would be ours to own, it seems as though so did plenty of other West Aussies, caravan parks we’re overflowing, restaurants, bars and tours all on fire, however regardless how busy everything is the owners and operators of everywhere we went, made you feel welcome and we all had a great experience.

This high demand and need to maintain high service levels has got me thinking about the current real estate market and the need for excellent service despite the demand we are currently seeing. 

A good real estate transaction will leave you feeling (hopefully) excited and satisfied that the agent you worked with delivered you an excellent outcome with at all stages a premium level of service with communication throughout the sale process and of course a premium price for your home!

Therefore, when deciding to sell your property (with me of course!), there are some important criteria to address when selecting the right fit for you, which include:

  • Premium service – this includes a dedicated agent who will focus on your property, plus one who will be at the home opens EVERY time themselves
  • Focused – totally focused on achieving the goal discussed at the outset. This commitment is paramount.
  • Experienced – ensure your agent is experienced and can provide testimonials & phone numbers from past sellers who can talk you through how they sold their home
  • Target market – choose an agent who really understands your target market of buyers and has sound knowledge of the area they are selling in.

All of the above will help you to achieve your best outcome when selling your home – and let’s be honest, just like my holiday, the selling your home should deliver you EXCELLENT RESULTS, BE REWARDING and be a GOOD EXPERIENCE ALL ROUND!

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