Right-sizing – Making the change

“Right-sizing” is the new buzz word in property for downsizing. It aims to remove the negative associations of the word downsizing to better reflect what a change in property might actually mean for you and your family.

Downsizing often brings up the idea of sacrificing and giving up or changing because something must be “wrong” and you have to.

Right-sizing more accurately reflects a conscious decision to choose a property that more closely fits your needs and what you want to experience on a regular basis such as community, privacy, security, walkability or connection.

If you are interested in “Right-sizing” and bringing more meaning to your daily home life, then make sure you consider the following:


• Avoid making rushed or fast decisions – it needs to be made carefully after much research and planning
• Assess your needs, wants and desires, and work out what you really require in a new place
• Make a list of what you cannot live without – for both possessions and property
• Determine what kind of property will suit you best: a small house, villa, townhouse or apartment (think of stairs), retirement village or something out of the box?
• Don’t buy a property simply to fit your furniture. De-clutter and sort through all your possessions – recycle, reuse, donate or sell what you don’t need
• Compare room sizes and make sure you have plenty of storage – rent a storage unit if you can’t part with everything at once
• Assess if you can afford to buy first then sell, or if it’s easier to sell then buy
• Research the market before you sell or buy and seek professional advice from agents on maximising your sale price
• If buying in a new location and you are uncertain “try before you buy” and rent first
• Remember the process of changing homes after many years in a property can be traumatic – look after yourself emotionally and prepare for a period of adjustment in your new home.

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Article material sourced from realestate.com.au

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