Should I use a dedicated area agent to sell my house?

The short answer to this question is…..


Why? There’s plenty of reasons I am a big believer in hiring an agent who KNOWS the area, ACTIVELY SELLS AND MARKETS in that area and is PASSIONATE about where they sell and here’s a few:

Accurate Appraisals
Specialising in the Nedlands area enables me to offer you an accurate and achievable appraisal of your home as well as a realistic sales timeline. Getting it right the first time can save you both the time and money that can be wasted when relying on overinflated appraisals.

Area Knowledge
With personal experience of Nedlands’ property, schools, sporting clubs and other amenities, as well as an understanding of relevant zoning regulations, I can talk knowledgeably to prospective buyers about the benefits of the area and confidently address any concerns they may have

Active Database of Local Buyers
Being in regular contact with my extensive network of local buyers, I have intimate knowledge of each buyer’s needs, budget, timelines and necessary approvals. I’m able to tap into this database to match the right buyers with the right homes. I also have a sound understanding of the types of property features which are appealing to buyers and which can impact their willingness to purchase.

Passion for the Local Area
Prospective buyers can easily spot the difference between an agent who is spouting an area’s attributes over one who has first-hand experience of what it has to offer. The genuine passion I have for the Nedlands community is evident in my communications with buyers and helps reinforce all the reasons they should go the extra mile to secure their piece of it.

Minimise Your Costs
Being tertiary qualified in marketing, I can offer valuable advice on low-cost ways you can prepare your home for sale and maximise its appeal to the local market. I can also provide access to our trusted network of local tradespeople as required.

There’s always an exception to the rule
If you have a strong relationship or connection with an out of area sales agent then this might be a good reason to use them instead as a trusted relationship with your agent is paramount to a successful sale. If they come from a successful agency (such as Space Real Estate), perhaps they can bring the local agent in on the sale giving you the best of both?

That’s all for now, any questions or feedback please email or call me on 0422 406 199.

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