The biggest month of property sales since 2015!

It’s fair to say that confidence is finally returning to the property market with June recording its biggest month of property sales in Perth since 2015.

Buyer numbers at home opens are strong and online activity is also at an all-time high with’s overall monthly online traffic and enquiry levels being the highest in history.

Why is the property market strong right now?

• With fewer properties on the market and strong buyer demand, there is an increase in competition resulting in good prices and lower days on market.

• Many of my homes have been selling in short time frames and above asking price.

• Property sales and activity has also been boosted by the recent Federal and State Government building bonus grants with transactions increasing 55.1 per cent compared to May and 45 per cent higher than in 2019.

• First home buyers have been out in force in WA taking advantage of the potential $70,000 in government grants and concessions on offer.

What will happen in the future?

• What will happen with the property market after September 2020 when payments for JobKeeper are scheduled to end or be varied and JobSeeker payments are reduced is uncertain.

• What I do know is that right now properties and land are selling extremely well and the conditions are great to go to market and we hope this momentum will continue.

With spring just around the corner now is the time to start your spring campaign. I will have many beautiful properties launching soon, so watch this SPACE and please send me a message or call with any property related questions.

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