Are you doing OODLES of research into your most important asset(s)?

Recently I have been helping mum with the search to find a new puppy, which is proving to be more difficult than originally thought. It seems COVID has induced a buying frenzy making waitlists for puppies as long as two years. Breeders are telling me “buyers are EVERYWHERE but we don’t have enough puppies to keep up with demand!!”

It’s got me thinking about the similarity between Perth’s property market and Perth’s puppy market.

It’s no secret that demand and supply in Perth’s property market has been out of kilter for some time. Stock is crazily low and buyers are absolutely everywhere.

In terms of puppies and the lack of availability we have upped the ante and spent countless hours researching breeders, their availability, quality of dogs and costs.

Added to this mum has come up with an extensive “must have list” which includes: small enough to carry, easy to train, doesn’t yap, loyal, intelligent and must enjoy long walks.

It seems anything with an ‘oodle’ would be A OK, with the perfect match being a ‘cavoodle’.

This in demand oodle situation and the time I have taken to research the ‘perfect pooch’ has got me wondering why people are investing more time and research into their choice of pet than who will help them to sell their most important investment – their homes! To be honest as a dog lover, I really think equal thought and consideration should go into BOTH.

When you’re searching for the perfect real estate agent, there’s a few things to take into consideration:

1. Accurate Appraisals? Is the agent telling you what you want to hear or are they giving you sound, accurate and achievable expectations of your homes worth in the current market as well as a realistic sales timeline. Getting it right the first time can save you both the time and money that can be wasted when relying on overinflated appraisals.

2. Do they know the area? Have they got enough local knowledge and a track record of selling in your area. Your agent MUST have knowledge of the schools, sporting clubs and other amenities, as well as an understanding of relevant zoning regulations.

3. Do they have an Active Database of Local Buyers? Are they in regular contact with local buyers, have intimate knowledge of each buyer’s needs, budget, timelines and necessary approvals? Can they use their database to match the right buyers with the right homes.

4. Do they have a Passion for the Local Area? Prospective buyers can easily spot the difference between an agent who is spouting an area’s attributes over one who has first-hand experience of what it has to offer.

5. Do they have happy clients and reviews and past vendors to call?

6. Do you trust and like them? The bond between agent and seller is critical, no need to say more here.

So remember while researching your latest dog maybe you should be researching the agent too.

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